Apple Season!

One of our favourite times of the year is apple season. This is when we receive many of our apples from within BC. We have year faves like our Gala or Ambrosia bagged apple, but come September, our shelves overflow with apples from British Columbia. To round it all out, we also have some varieties from Washington state. 


Ambrosias are often firm, sweet and low acid.


Red Delicious

Red Delicious often has a sweet and mild flavour. Tall and dark red, these are classics.


Fuji and McIntosh... Two very different apples. According to Wikipedia, Fuji apples were originally cultivated in Japan in the late 1930s. They are big and round with a dense flesh that is sweet and crispy. McIntosh are red and sometimes referred to as the national apple of Canada!



Our Granny Smiths come from Washington and are firm, crispy and tart. Unique in flavour and texture, we often have them year-round.


Golden Delicious are sweet to the taste and are always yellow, sometimes taking on an orange hue as they get riper. Unrelated to Red Deliicous!

Our 5lb bags of Ambrosia and Gala are BC grown and available nearly year-round. They are a great deal and will keep your craving for apples satisfied all year!

This is the perfect time to enjoy apples and try some new varieties. We have one of the most diverse selections of apples in Coquitlam. New shipments and varieties arriving every week!