Enjoy Some Fresh Pomegranate

'Tis the season for pomegranate. Many people who have never tried it, often as us how to eat it.

Fresh Pomegranate
1. Wash


Fresh Pomegranate Cuts
2. Insert vertical cuts from the top down to the bottom along the sides.


3. Break apart the pomegranate


4. Place as much of the seeds as you can into a bowl. As you're doing this, try to remove as much of the membrane (the white stuff) as you can and toss that membrane into your green bin.

5. Fill the bowl with water and swish it around to loosen the membrane from the seeds as much as possible. Generally, the membrane will float to the top. Rinse and repeat until you get rid of all of the membrane.


6. Drain all the water and enjoy. You can eat as is but the seeds are quite crunchy or hard. Some people suck the fruit off in their mouth and dispose of the seeds. Or better yet, throw it all into a juicer, a smoothie, or on top of yogurt.