Holiday Gift Ideas and Stocking Stuffers!

Did you know... We have a lot of locally produced soaps, towels, fabrics and cosmetics in our local corner. These all make for some great holiday gifts or stocking stuffers.


We feature a lot of locally made, sourced and handmade products by Eco Calypte in store.


Eco Calypte features Mountain Sky soap. Both in a pump and in bars.

Mountain Sky Soap


From Eco Calypte: 
Handcrafted Natural Canadian Bar soaps made with only simple, natural ingredients. Gentle on your skin and the environment.

100% biodegradable and river friendly.
All bars are 135g/4.8oz

Mountain Sky Soap Bars


 Mountain Sky Bar Soaps

We also carry Mountain Sky shampoo and conditioner bars.


From Eco Calypte: 
Savon de Marseille has been made in the traditional French way for 600 years, and there are only four authentic Marseille soap factories in France and the one we have is from one of these factories. This all vegetable-oil soap is well-known for being very mild and good for all skin types.

Marseille Soap


Laundry detergent by Eco Calypte



Laundry and dishwasher detergents by Nellie's. Hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and effective!

Nellie's Detergents


Lavender Bags

Lavender sachets! Now these are great stocking stuffers!


Ulat Dryer Balls

Ulat premium wool dryer balls.
From Eco Calypte: Handmade in British Columbia, Canada, ULAT Dryer Balls are the best way to bring your sustainable lifestyle into the laundry room. As the original and only patented wool dryer ball, our unique design maximizes efficiency so you can dry your clothes better.


Eco hand sanitizer. Another great stocking stuffer for sure.


Ditch the cling wrap and go for natural beeswax food wraps by Nature Bee.


Locally made dishcloth by Comfort by Joy. These beautifully made to last dish cloth are perfect for every home. When your old dish clothes are needed to be swapped out give these a try, I guarantee you will fall in love with them❤️



Beautiful French tea towels.



Hand knitted items by Ola Knitting...

Come by to visit us and check out what's in store. So many beautiful items that just need to be seen. Perfect for the holidays.