Taiwan Boba Milk Tea

Here's the first blog post by our resident kids writer.

New DIY Taiwan Boba Milk Tea available in store now!

Some reasons to buy: Tastes like the real thing, (like bubble tea) easy to make, and comes with everything you need!

Some things to know before buying: Doesn't come with straws, there is also a matcha flavour and there are three servings in a box!

Contains: 3 powdered tea packages, 3 boba pearl packages.

Description: Taiwan boba milk tea with chewy soft bubbles. Great for anyone who loves bubble tea but wants to make it at home!

I think these boba pearls are amazing and delicious. Some folks may not like a big portion, and some might like a big portion. Now you can choose! I can combine two packages together to make a bigger portion, or I can add ice to make it cold. If I want a smaller portion, I can only use one pack, and to make it hot, I can microwave it! It is just the right sweetness, but you can add more if you want. Plus, if you want just the pearls, you can use the pearls and add it to any drink you want.