The Wonderful World of Pocky

Here at BMP, we have many different snacks. Among those, one snack stands alone as one of the most popular with both kids and adults.


Pocky is a yummy biscuit stick with a chocolate coating around it. There are many flavours, but at BMP, we have Strawberry, Chocolate Banana, Cookies ‘n Cream, Chocolate Almond, and regular Chocolate. We also have different sizes and packages. 12 packages, 9 packages, 70 g singles, 41 g singles, and 33 g singles is our stock right now. But our inventory is always changing!

Now, for a limited time, we have Disney Pocky imported from Japan!

These are favorites among our staff and customers, so if you haven’t tried yours today, come quickly because we have limited quantity, and these go fast. If there is a flavour you don’t see, comment in the post and we may be able to get it in store! Thank you and we hope to see you soon!


Pocky Strawberry


The colossal 12 pack of Pocky


All the Pocky favourites